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About Me


Photography is my escape. My work is heavily influenced by my love of film and I aim to capture images that have a cinematic quality to them. Solitude, peacefulness and remoteness are themes often explored throughout my work.

I use a wide variety of cameras to capture my images; these include pinhole, medium format film, 35mm film, digital and toy cameras.


Recently I've been exploring digital art and sound design.


You'll find examples of each on this website.

Originally from Newcastle Upon-Tyne, I now live in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Thanks for visiting and if you would like further information about my work please don't hesitate to get in touch.


All the best, Matt Pringle.


​Interviews / Features


  • Selected for the Glasgow Gallery of Photography, Black & White Exhibtion. July 2022.

  • Junk rooms, Stirling, Scotland.

  • Creative Stirling, Stirling, Scotland.

  • Corner Gallery, Surrey, England. 2011.

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